Despite not having attended art school, nor prior experience within the profession – Aleksandra has a story to tell and won’t let these factors limit her journey.

Having worked in the fashion and marketing industry for over 12 years, she has learned and perfected methods in which to conceptualise and realise non-conforming silhouettes, shapes and colours. In doing so, she developed a passion that just didn’t cover clothes but also art as a result.


Similarly to her sartorial work, Aleks’ art explores the human connection and the body and mind. In her world, there is no main differentiator between male and female but a fluid concept whereby the two intrinsically connect. Bold colours also take centre stage – illustrating intensity as well as simplifying explicit shapes. 


Whilst making the most of colour, her method of working also concentrates on the concept of juxtaposition. Although rich colourful palettes can hint at positivity and happiness, other ‘real human emotions’ can be recognised in these – particularly anger, fear and sadness, all the good and bad emotions that essentially make us ‘real humans’.


Alek’s work invites viewers to engage in an open conversation surrounding topics of the body, sex and human hypocrisy. With techniques encompassing drawing, sculpting, photography and even hand painting on clothes whilst using the fabric as a canvas – she thoroughly concludes that: “Art is everywhere and whatever touches you is art.”

“Blank canvas always gives me the opportunity to express and visualise my emotions for all to see. Additionally a canvas also bestows me with a chance to say things that maybe difficult to put into words – something I think many can relate to. And that in essence, is why I want to share my art with the world, it may end up helping someone out there.”