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We should all
make art


I do not follow my dreams. I catch them. 



Year of vulva, Zum Schmale Wurf, Basel, solo show

Room of pleasure, ArtHouse Hotel, Basel, group show


Vulva banner street art installation, Rheingasse, Basel

Miami Artweeks, Wynwood Miami, group show

Everything is art, Eleven Ten Studio, Basel, group show

Artbox.project 4.0 Swissartexpo, Zurich, group show

Sometime, Eleven Ten Studio, Basel, solo show

The power of she, Eleven Ten Studio, Basel, group show

Always Judging, Container Tower, Wie wär's mal mit Association, Basel, solo show

State of the Art, La Pigna Gallery, Rome, group show


Realism, The Holy Art, London, group show

Pop Up Art Studio, Basel, solo show

Kulturplakate, Basel, group project

Vulva Fields, Basel, solo project

Zur Wand, Wie wär's mal mit Association, Basel, group show


Aleksandra was born in 1985 in small town in Poland called Pabianice. She moved away from home when she was 19 and started studying International Affairs. While study was never her real passion, her life is an affair with the world.

When working for the fashion and luxury industry she traveled all over Europe, parts of America and Asia, living in Egypt and Turkey for a short time but finally settling in Basel, Switzerland. She always was a great observer of life and her love for different cultures, society standards and gender equality which she bring to her paintings. Craving new ways to express these beliefs, she felt unfulfilled potential inside and she craved change.

Having worked in marketing for over 12 years, she has learned and perfected methods in which to conceptualise and realise non-conforming silhouettes, shapes and colours. In doing so, she developed a passion that didn’t just cover clothes but also art as a result.

Aleksandra’s art explores the human connection and the body and mind. In her world, there is no main differentiator between male and female but a fluid concept whereby the two intrinsically connect. Bold colours also take centre stage – illustrating intensity as well as simplifying explicit shapes. 

Her work invites viewers to engage in an open conversation surrounding topics of the body, sex and social stereotypes. With techniques encompassing drawing, sculpting, photography and even hand painting on clothes – she thoroughly concludes that: “We should all make art sometime.”

Aleksandra Cegielska.JPG
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