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Aleksandra Cegielska, born in 1985, is a Basel-based artist with Polish origins. While initially studying International Affairs, her true passion unfolded as she traversed Europe, America, and Asia, ultimately finding her home in Switzerland. Fueled by extensive observations of cultures, societal dynamics, and human interactions, Cegielska has crafted a unique body of work—vibrant explorations of non-conforming silhouettes, shapes, and colors.

For Cegielska, the dynamic relationship between the body and mind is crucial. Drawing inspiration from her surroundings and lived experiences, her art becomes a bridge between personal encounters and universal themes. With a versatile approach encompassing drawing, photography, and textiles, she crafts a multi-dimensional experience that transcends traditional artistic boundaries. Central to Cegielska's body of work is a thought-provoking exploration of societal constructs. Her art delves into the distortions of body image propagated by social media, the commodification of sexuality, and the ever-evolving definitions of normality. Her canvases become platforms for open conversations, challenging societal norms and prompting contemplation on the acceptance or controversy surrounding particular images.

Beyond aesthetic innovation, Cegielska's art stands as a powerful voice against inequality, advocating for equal rights across gender, religion, and nationalities. Her work serves as a rallying cry for change, as she consistently questions the reality of a world where authenticity remains an ongoing struggle.

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